Videography is the next big thing in selling homes

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Property videography is a powerful tool for selling homes. Slick, expertly-shot video is a great way to draw attention to property listings – particularly as most house sales now begin with an online search. Powerful visuals are the key to standing out from a crowded market of estate agents, helping to catch the eye of potential buyers and generate more leads.

Buyers love images, but a video provides an excellent overview of a house, showing the layout in more detail and any impressive or character features. The buyer is able to properly imagine themselves in the space and if their interest is piqued, it will make it more likely that they will reach out to make an in-person viewing. Similarly, for buyers who are overseas, a video is the closest thing to a property viewing without actually being there. Video has become even more important since the pandemic, as some people are still reluctant to travel long distances to view properties; a video can help potential buyers decide whether they want to make the effort to view in person, or if the house is suitable for their wants and needs.

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Why should you book video property marketing with Fourwalls?

As well as high-quality photography, meticulously planned floor plans, accurate energy performance certificates and creative copywriting, videography is one of Fourwalls’ ‘core services’. These are our ‘bread and butter’ services: the ones we carry out multiple times a day and are generally included on all the property marketing appointments that we undertake. There’s a reason for this; we’ve spent more than 30 years developing our property marketing packages, so we understand what sells houses. Videography might be newer to the fore, but it’s one of the best tools to help potential buyers go from viewing a property listing, to making an appointment to see a house in person.

Our video services maintain our very high standards of creative output and our exceptional attention to detail, whether that’s through a video walkthrough or an immersive, extra-length premium showcase. If you’re looking to do something fresh, you can try adding an agent intro or captions to push your brand. 

Our different types of videography

At Fourwalls, these are our main types of videography:

  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Videography
  • Social Reels
  • Videography or Social Reel Plus
  • Drone Videography
  • Premium Videography


Video Walkthroughs are exactly that – a continuous walkthrough shot in one take showing the property in its entirety as if the viewer were walking around at their leisure. This service is best for smaller properties (for larger properties they can end up being very lengthy!) and one thing to bear in mind is that the whole property will be on show, so it’s important to prepare for the visit and tidy away any clutter. Video Walkthroughs can be shot in either landscape or portrait orientation, just let us know your preference when booking.

Shot in landscape, Videography covers the highlights and includes editing in post-production – we’ll capture the external and all the key rooms, but we’ll also include close-ups of any special features to give an idea of the lifestyle that comes with the property.

Our newest Social Reel service has been developed with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok in mind, so these are fast-paced portrait videos, with lots of quick edits and we can advise on music (it’s easy to use the latest trending audio). We love seeing agents use our videos to market their properties on social media – this is a trend you’ll want to try out! 

Any agents looking to be the star of the show and build their personal brand should consider upgrading to either Videography or Social Reel Plus. This allows our videographer to spend some extra time at the property so you can do more talking to camera, showcasing your knowledge about the property.  

Drone Videography is as it sounds – the sky really is the limit. Our drone operators are fully licensed to fly commercial drones and we are a CAA-approved operator. We love drone video for rural properties, as it’s great for showing scale. We can also add drone footage on if you’re ordering Videography or a Social Reel, to give a more thorough overview of the property. 

For all the bells and whistles, you’ll want to go for our Premium Videography service. We don’t put limits on what we can achieve – we’ll include drone, agent introductions, feature-length productions, voiceovers, and plenty more besides.

Social Reel Example

What kind of properties does video suit?

In short, all kinds. Even the average three-bedroom family home can benefit from a Video Walkthrough, right up to Premium and Drone Videography for multi-million-pound, multi-acreage homes. The only thing to consider when using drone videography would be the proximity to any airports, military bases or areas of restricted airspace, as this can make getting permissions difficult, but usually not impossible! Videography is ideally suited to houses that have real wow-factor, so it’s definitely worth considering if the property is particularly substantial (over 3,000 sq ft), or if there is lots of land, leisure space like swimming pools or equestrian facilities, or if the interiors are impressive with lots of detail.

How do we format videos for social media?

We have a dedicated blog you can read about our Social Reels here. We also offer a FREE guide to best practices on posting videos to Instagram – this is perfect for agents who are just getting started in video or social media marketing.


What can we do for extra-special properties?

Premium Videography can be ordered as a standalone service or as part of our Folio service – this is where our creative team get to really stretch themselves in terms of what they can achieve for our clients. We usually combine Premium Videography with other visual elements, such as bespoke brochures with copywriting, visual storytelling through a series of impressive images, and of course drone where applicable. We prefer to think of our premium videos as short films: we create them to an exacting client brief, spending several hours onsite capturing the footage and editing to either a pre-agreed soundtrack or even a voiceover, with multiple angles to show off the property’s best sides.

But don’t just take our word for it: here are some examples of previous videography projects to get your creative juices flowing.

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