Need To Sell An Empty Property? Virtual Staging May Be The Answer

Open plan kitchen/diner/living room with virtually staged furniture

Imagine, the perfect family home. A great location on an upscale road, close to amenities and schools. A big garden, footpaths all around to walk the dog, and a friendly community feel. Inside the rooms are large and full of natural light. The only drawback? It’s empty. Really empty. It’s no secret that empty houses fail to inspire new owners, who are often lacking in time (and sometimes, dare we say it, imagination).

Enter the perfect solution: virtual staging. Using the latest visualisation techniques it’s possible to superimpose décor, furniture and furnishings to photographs. This requires real skill, but done properly it’s very difficult to discern that the ‘staging’ is in place.

But why should you choose virtual staging over more traditional methods?

Empty grand London living roomGrand London living room with high ceilings and cgi furniture

It’s more cost-effective than traditional room staging

Did you know it can cost approximately £1,000 per room when dressing a room for sale? With large or particularly luxurious properties, the price can rocket as a large amount of furniture is needed to make it look ‘lived in’ and to suit the décor – which if particularly bad, may also need to be changed. Using virtual staging it’s possible to add premium fittings and furniture to suit any colour scheme, with no mind on the budget. Logistically it’s also much easier: getting a sought-after corner sofa into the house would require a lot of man power, but with virtual staging it can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

Photographs are the most important tool when drawing in prospective buyers

A floor plan is one thing, but photographs are vital for helping a prospective buyer imagine their own possessions in a space. Bare walls and floors are uninspiring and don’t provide viewers with a true perspective on the space; by adding in furniture, a viewer can imagine their own fittings in their place, and whether the size of the rooms will suit their lifestyle. With Fourwalls you’ll not only receive the finest quality professional photographs, we’re also able to provide 3D visualisations so you can benefit from virtual staging, floor plans and photos done in one place.

Empty Office InteriorModern Office with computers , chairs and various artwork on walls

It’s less disruptive to owners

Some sales must be handled sensitively, for example as the result of a divorce or a probate sale. Because of this, the property may have already been cleared, making a quick sale necessary. Rather than bombarding clients – who may require an intermediary if communication has broken down – with appointments to dress the property, take the photographs, floor plan and EPC, and then remove the staging, the entire property marketing service can be completed in one appointment. With one operator being able to draw a floor plan, take photographs and undertake an EPC in one day (depending on the size of the property), the empty rooms can then be filled using virtual staging, so that the owner only has to approve the finished product via email or telephone.

It can conceal unsuitable décor

They say there’s no accounting for taste, but it’s certainly true that it takes all sorts to make a world, and what may be stylish for one can be deeply unattractive to someone else. With properties that require serious updating due to age (1970s wallpaper and garishly patterned carpets a particular favourite) or with modern yet brash décor, virtual staging is ideal. 3D visualisers can transform bright colour schemes to more neutral tastes and replace ancient furniture with something more contemporary.

Unfinished new-build homes can appear complete

One of the biggest challengers for developers constructing homes is getting everything completed on time, and within budget. Many developments run into delays, meaning that the ability to put them on sale gets pushed back. Creating marketing documents requires images, and usually an incomplete development means this isn’t possible. However, with the use of virtual staging it’s possible to make an unfinished home appear in its final state. With a few ‘bare’ photographs, 3D visualisers can add everything from flooring and skirting to full kitchens, and even detail such as plug sockets and plumbing.

Empty Kitchen shot with wooden floors and panelled unitsOpen plan kitchen/diner/living room with virtually staged furniture

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