Property Reels

Why Property Reels?

Property marketing has changed drastically in the last two years. Estate agents are incorporating more video content into the marketing of their properties along with the use of the more traditional photographic approach.

Social media and the widespread use of modern smartphones has played a huge part in these changes, as decent property video content can be shared on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok for buyers to view at their leisure.

It is a well-known fact that Instagram is now favouring video content, especially Reels, over photography posts; having to compete with the likes of TikTok they have had little choice.

Reels are a great way to showcase a property, giving potential buyers a detailed tour from the comfort of their mobile device.

What is a Property Reel?

A property Reel is a short 30- to 90- second video shot in portrait showing a walkthrough of a property from a buyer’s perspective. Starting from a property’s entrance and working all the way through the house, Reels usually finish with the garden, if applicable.

Reels are short, snappy and hold the viewers’ attention long enough to show the highlights of a property, giving a good indication if the property is right for them. This converts to an in-person viewing and potentially a sale.

Not only are Reels favoured by Instagram, but they also improve your overall engagement when posted regularly, resulting in more followers and potentially more clients.

Our Property Reels

Property Reels have become a must-have product for estate agents and our Reels are carefully produced from start to finish. We have our experienced videographers on hand to capture the best features of any property with smooth and steady camera work. Our post-production team will then compile the footage to create a well put together, succinct Reel that shows the property in its best light.

What we provide

All our Reels can be edited and published with royalty-free music or to a specific beat which will allow estate agents to post them on Instagram or TikTok with music of their choosing. Our edits depend on the property itself and clients’ requirements. From smooth, slow pans with fast transitions to quicker clips and slick transitions, we will take our lead from the idiosyncrasies of each property unless a specific style is required.

We can also use split screen in our edits to intensify the video and show multiple angles of the same room simultaneously, to keep the flow of the property and the length to a minimum in order to keep the viewer engaged for longer.

We can add agent intros which we record on site or voiceovers explaining and highlighting details of the property or information about the surrounding area and transport links or local highlights.

Company logos can be incorporated into the Reels along with written contact details or any information required.

Best practices for posting Reels

We also provide a cheat sheet with our Reels to aid less experienced agents with the Instagram posting process.


It is always best to use trending music when posting Reels to Instagram or TikTok as this will guarantee a larger number of views.

Look at your Insights on Instagram (you will need a professional account for this) so that you can see at what time of the day your feed is viewed most; this would be the best time to post a Reel to attract engagement.

Instagram is now favouring SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in captions over hashtags so keywords in captions are important when posting Reels. It is even possible to search by keywords on the Instagram explore page, so using keywords in your captions is now even more beneficial.

Uploading to Instagram – do make sure you output your reels in the best quality. To do this you need to activate “High quality uploads” in your settings by clicking on Menu>Account>Data usage then activating the high quality upload option.
Download Our Cheat Sheet

Other Reel options for Estate Agents

We also provide photo Reels for agents that do not want – or have the budget for – a video Reel. This is a great alternative to the video Reels as you can turn any property photos into a Reel very easily, which will favour the Instagram algorithm, with great results.

For more information on Property Reels please contact us.

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