The Folio difference

is in the approach

We recommend watching in full screen with the sound on.

Taking the time to understand the character of a prime property and how best to convey its personality to the desired audience is a challenge we relish.

Beyond simply capturing a space, we seek to be empathetic and artistic in our process.

It’s the small details that make you fall in love with a property. We seek to convey this before buyers step through the door.

lobby of a luxurious London apartment block with chairs and book shelves
large residential property at dusk shot from back garden

Capturing a property to provide not only a set of marketing photos but a collection of images which show off the best a property has to offer and give an aspirational overview of what makes a property, a home. 


There is no better way to showcase the personality of a property and make a prime listing stand out than through our bespoke short films.


The ideal accompaniment to our bespoke videos, adding the often epic footage captured provides a context for the property within the surrounding landscape.

By far best way to showcase the wonderful marketing content produced by our Folio team, bespoke brochures can be built with both print and digital in mind, making the most of the latest technologies to embed videos.

see view with land jutting out to sea
snooker cues set against grey wall

Created to client brief and edited to a pre-agreed soundtrack, the Folio short films showcase character and entice audiences to find out more. If we have to be there at dusk or four hundred feet in the air to get the shot, we will be. Our highlight reel gives you an insight into some of the properties we have had the privilege of visiting. We recommend watching in full screen with the sound on.

basement pool with marble walls

Being able to show a property in relation to its surroundings allows a sense of context, often with awe‑inspiring results.

Our videography team are qualified drone pilots. Completing both ground level and aerial capture at the same time ensures a coherence throughout the marketing output.

fireplace with wooden table and portrait above
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