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service for premium properties

Close up of Manor House covered in ivy with blue sky in background

The thing about property in Great Britain, is that no two buildings are the same: Victorian, Tudor Revival, Brutalist, Modern… in a small area it’s possible to find a wealth of building styles, each with their own individual quirks and distinguishing features. For those properties that really stand out, it’s important to take their idiosyncrasies – the things which make them special, or desirable – and show them off to their best advantage.

When selling a property like this, a standard marketing package may suffice, but why not honour a particularly special home with a tailored service? We recognised the need for another level of excellence and created Fourwalls Folio, because when you are selling the country’s finest homes, only best will do.

What is Folio?

Folio is an upgrade to our standard marketing services. Instead of our packaged photography and floor plan with 24-hour turnaround, we take a little extra time over Folio, to understand the character and history of a prime property. Armed with this knowledge, our experienced creatives are then able to convey the property’s personality to its most appropriate and desired audience through images, video, design and the written word. From modern executive apartments to listed, historically-significant homes, each property requires a different approach – it’s a challenge we relish, particularly when we get to see the finished product and how its perfectly tailored to the home.

“Beyond simply capturing a space, we seek to be empathetic and artistic in our process”

Birds eye view of living room in modern house overlooking living area

How does the Folio service differ to our standard service?

In essence, we take all the elements of our tried-and-true property marketing services and add a little (or a lot) extra. Rather than the big picture as a whole, we focus on the smaller details that make the property desirable and convey this to the prospective buyer before they have even stepped through the door. Here are some of the elements that make up our Folio service:

  • Premium photography – our Folio service utilises the skills of our most experienced photographers, with the additional benefits of enhanced editing in post-production
  • Bespoke videography – we create short films, created to a client brief and edited to a soundtrack with the option of voice over, to encourage the viewer to discover more
  • Drone videography & photography – all members of our videography team are qualified drone pilots. When completing ground-level and aerial photos at the same time, we can ensure coherence throughout the visual elements
  • Bespoke brochures & copywriting – each brochure is created by our skilled design team, with branding elements taken from the property to suit the house’s character. The copywriting is completed from scratch, with interviews with vendors, interior designers and architects (where required) conducted by our experienced copywriters. The words are the final flourish
  • Video editing & voiceovers – the final cut of the video is enhanced with eye-catching editing, fabulous soundtracks and voiceovers taken from an illuminating script, if desired

In short – not many. If we need to be there at dusk or night-time, or on a pole several hundred feet in the air to get the best shot, we can do it. The sky is quite literally the limit with Folio, and our drone service is coincidentally one of our most popular elements. Because each Folio job is bespoke to each property, it’s possible to add or remove services to suit, for example if it’s a particularly old and dated home with substantial character, a walk-through video may not be suitable, but an enhanced drone package may help to show off the land.

Each Folio job is undertaken under close consultation with our Creative Director, Tom Hancock. We’ll let him introduce the Folio service a little more in the below video.

Window with curtain and lamp lit
Close up of modern sink with rose single tap

If you are interested in the Folio service, please contact us via the usual methods. We will then set up a call with our creative, who will talk through the various options and answer any questions you might have. We will then usually require more information and some background on the home, so that we can offer the best services to suit.

After that, we’ll schedule a day for photography, videography and floor planning. Once this crucial stage is complete, we’ll begin the design of the brochure, using elements from the photography to create a design that’s unique and suits the home, down to the ground.

Our copywriter may then interview the vendor, or the developer, before commencing the written element of the brochure. Once complete, we bring everything together before providing all of the various facets in one easy to digest package, available to the agent and vendor for consideration and final approval.

Of course, as each Folio job is unique, this process varies, but this should give you a brief overview of what to expect.

Dusk shot of a grand country residence surrounded by evergreen trees

Can I see some examples?

Our highlight reel gives you an insight into some of the properties we have had the privilege of visiting. We recommend watching in full screen with the sound on.

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