How To Prepare Your Home For Property Marketing Services

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There’s a lot that goes into our property marketing behind the scenes, from clever camera angles to post-production editing to remove anything from cloudy skies to errant wheelie bins. When you book an appointment with us you’ll be sent guidance on how to prepare your property for our operator’s arrival — anything from putting away the bins to giving the place a good clean — but if you want to get a good idea of what to expect, take a look at this blog.

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Arguably, well-shot photos are the key to helping potential buyers get a feel for a home. Our photographers are well used to being creative with angles to hide unsightly corners or unmade beds, but to make the most of their visit it’s very helpful to do a bit of preparation work before they get there. This doesn’t involve too much work, and it’s also relevant for videography, too.

Window view of a very neat garden on a sunny day with flowers
Rear exterior of large property with very neat garden and blue sky

If possible, move cars from driveways or from the front of the house if parking is on the street, and try to keep the space clear — this means they can get a good shot of the façade. Make sure all bins, hoses, garden equipment, washing lines and toys (children’s or pets!) are stowed away too. Close all the windows and doors to give a uniform look but do ensure that all curtains and blinds are open. If you have time ahead of the appointment, give any flowerbeds or large shrubs a tidy up and mow the lawn, if there is one. If you have garden furniture, it’s a good idea to prepare it by tucking chairs in, putting out cushions if it’s not raining and opening parasols, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, remove the cover.

Preparing the inside of your home is more a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. In the kitchen, clear clutter off surfaces and put oven gloves, tea towels and washing up liquid in cupboards — make sure the draining boards are free from drying pots and pans and ensure there’s nothing in the washing machine and the door is closed. Take out the bin and make sure there’s no recycling hanging around. Do the same in any bathrooms too: unless they are particularly premium brands or match the décor, put away toiletries, fold up bathmats and towels and pull back shower curtains. We are able to touch up photos in post-production, but any large water stains or scuffs are best addressed before you start having potential buyers in for visits. Easy jobs include opening all the curtains and blinds, plumping up sofa cushions and straightening loose covers, and making sure cables are tucked away. A good hoover, dust and polishing any glass or varnished surfaces makes a big difference.

TVs and monitors should be off, but fires can be lit for atmospheric value. You may also want to remove any personal items or confidential documents, such as works of art of family photos — we do try to blur these out where possible, but we can’t guarantee it. One last thing: make sure the space below beds is clear or covered by a valance that reaches the floor.

Preparing For An EPC

An EPC requires slightly different preparation, in that it is an evidence-based survey. The EPC assessor will need to be able to access all the rooms in and outside the house in order to take dimensions and supporting photographic evidence of key features. Access must be unobstructed, so be sure to clear space between large sofas, beds and any tight spots: they’ll need to get to the fuel supply to read electric and gas meters; the loft space to view insulation; the boiler, heating controls and hot water cylinder; exterior doors and windows — so make sure keys are available as they may need to be examined and opened. These requirements also apply to floor plans, which also require easy access around the home.

Kitchen shot with marble work tops and feature lighting
  • Put out freshly washed, coordinated towels; double folded looks best
  • Turn all taps to the side or centre so they all match
  • Set the table – either with your best dinner service or a centrepiece, such as a large candle, vase of flowers or bowl of fruit
  • Remove family photos, memorabilia and personalised ornaments
  • Move bins, floor mats and door mats out of sight (put them in the garage if you have one)
  • Make sure all main lightbulbs are working and turn on the lights
  • Move cars off the driveway or away from the front of the house for an unobstructed view
  • Remove any large weeds and sweep up leaves
  • Remember – less is more!

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