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Virtual View (Portrait)

Presenting a property in a walk-through format and allowing for an immersive view that shows how the space connects together, our Virtual Views offer an efficient and cost effective virtual tour. 

Virtual View videos are captured using mobile gimbal technology to ensure a smooth and consistent movement through a property. Whilst the videos aren’t intended to be a complete documentary of every element, they successfully show key features, layout and a sense of flow within any property. All videos are digitally processed, with agency logos and pre-approved music added, and provided in a social media or web ready format.

Virtual View (Landscape)

Virtual View (Landscape)

Virtual View Plus

Virtual View Add Ons

Not simply being a walkthrough, these videos highlight the feeling of lifestyle and give an overview of its key features. A combination of wide angle pans and detail shots are edited into a two minute video with agency logos and music added. 

This unique video service allows the addition of a personal touch to the Virtual View Plus service, using wireless lapel microphones to include voice over/on camera description of a property’s features and details. 

Virtual View Plus

Virtual View Plus

Virtual View Plus Interview

For bespoke video and drone options, please view our Folio service

Virtual View Articles and Projects

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Be There Without Being There: Videography and Virtual Viewing

Since March 2020 the country has operated in a markedly different way to pre-coronavirus times. The global pandemic has resulted in many changes, but, with the exception of the very first few, fraught months during the original lockdown, we’ve continued to offer our property marketing services throughout, while of course respecting and following government guidelines to the letter to protect both our team and clients. Far from a stagnant market, house sales have boomed as people wake up to the realities of living in crowded cities, or, conversely, being far away from the amenities that they may have previously taken for granted.

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Instagram Top Tips

Instagram now has 800 million active users around the world, making it a key marketing tool for businesses. With 32% of internet users using the website, now is the time to get your company involved. Here at Floorplanz, we began using Instagram in May 2017 and have had major success since. In just a year, we gained more than 1200 followers, separating us from our competitors in the market. In this time, we have learnt many of the “tricks of the trade” which may help your company to become more Instagram savvy.