Elevated photography

elevated shot of property on the coase with the sea and beaches
Country property with blue wood cladding a pond with a boat and bench trees and a blue sky

Captured approximately 5-10 metres in the air, using either specialist telescopic masts with remotely trigged cameras or low level drones, elevated photography allows a higher level perspective of any property.

This service is ideal for showing off larger properties at their very best, capturing the stature and grandness of the subject property, as well as helping to frame it beautifully within its surroundings. Our photographers will capture a selection of images from key vantage points that will create a striking first impression of your property taking it above and beyond ground-level photography.

Elevated photography also works well for rising above lower-level obstructions such as fences and hedges, as well as at trickier properties which have narrow frontages, helping to get that the all-important headline front shot that will impress and wow accordingly. 

Elevated photo of grand English home with wisteria and landscaped garden
Elevated photo of grand English home with wisteria and landscaped garden

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Meticulously converted barracks

With stunning sea views

Grand country home 

with a true sense of scale

Quintessentially English manor

With landscaped gardens

Gated new build home

With garage and large driveway

Photography Articles and Projects

photographer taking picture using camera on tripod next to a bookcase

Remote Working

Here at Fourwalls, we like to support our staff in many ways, such as with flexible working or training opportunities. We have a network of freelance operators who work remotely and liaise with us in order to form a flawless working relationship, with seamless interaction between the team which allows us to provide the best service possible, using the best people. With four million people now working solely from home in the UK, is this the new modern way of working?

drone view of countryside with lakes

How To Improve Your Property Listings With Drone Photography

Aerial photography has come a long way since the early days of a man with a camera in a hot air balloon. The very first camera took to the skies all the way back in 1858, when an enterprising Frenchman took shots of Paris during a hot air balloon flight. It’s amazing to think that this was just a few decades after the first ever photograph was taken in 1826, also in France.

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