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As energy costs continue to escalate, there is an increasing interest in understanding the energy performance of a property.

All properties sold or let in the UK are legally obliged to have a valid EPC (there are a few exceptions to this requirement, including some listed buildings and detached buildings of less than 50sqm).

We have a team of specialist assessors who can provide a range of EPC and energy advisory services.

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EPC Services

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is intended to provide vital information on a building’s energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, using categories on an A-G scale (A being the most efficient, G being the least efficient) and numerical ratings out of 100 to indicate prospective heat and power costs and levels of CO2 production. The certificate also indicates the level of improvement that can realistically be expected from having recommended changes to the property made.

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is required every time a non-residential dwelling is constructed, sold or rented out. A commercial EPC contains information about a property’s current energy use and typical energy costs as well as a list of recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save on running costs.

Consultancy service providing recommendations to improve your property or portfolio, alongside our energy and retro-fit assessments.

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EPC Articles and Projects

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Do Listed Buildings Require An EPC?

In recent years, the British government has embarked on a concerted effort to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Using grants for insulation and ‘greener’ energy sources, our housing stock is, gradually, being brought up to a higher standard which has benefits to both the environment and our wallets: increased energy efficiency means lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, as well as lower energy bills and more comfortable living environments.

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Landlords, Homeowners, Agents, Take Note, EPCs Have Changed

Everyone likes a little makeover once in a while, which is why we’re pleased to let you know about the changes to the energy performance certificate (EPC). From the 20th September 2020, the government launched a new design with a more modern layout and special features exclusive to the digital version.

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