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We are a multi-disciplined marketing and design agency with a focus on property and the built environment.

Throughout the life cycle of any new development property marketing, we can provide a host of services from our collection of experts to suit every project scope, whether for 10 or 500 homes.

Operating as a collective of experts in their field, each team completes specialist tasks with proven independent processes and quality control whilst also benefiting from wider collaboration and logistical support.

CGI of a new home barn on a field full of wildflowers

Services for every stage of a development

CGI & Architectural Visualisation

A CGI (computer-generated image) is an image or video that has been created on the computer through the use of specific 3D software. In the building industry, it can be used to show what a property is going to look like before the ground works have even started, making off-plan selling more effective. It can also be helpful when making design choices for both the exterior and interior.

CGI of a new homes development form a birds eye view in a leafy green surrounding in the english countryside_2
CGI of elegant new home living room with a grey gold and cream colour scheme

Exterior and interior photorealistic CGIs

High quality photorealistic architectural visualisations are the cornerstone of our CGI service.

We pride ourselves on the technical accuracy of our CGIs and have a dedicated modelling team in our production office, who focus on structural elements and topography.

Once modelling is completed, the output is quality control checked by our team of CGI artists who take responsibility for finishing the image by adding furniture, textures and lighting to give the image a sense of realism and lifestyle.

Virtual Staging

Not all prospective buyers are able to imagine a space fully furnished and the cost of staging can be prohibitive. A set of digitally staged images are a cost-effective way to elevate a property listing, without budget overspend.

Using photography of the vacant plot, that can be taken by our team of in-house photographers, our CGI team map the space in 3D and add relevant digital interior design elements, using our extensive library of furniture.

Bedroom in a highrise flat with computer generated virtual staging furniture
Empty kitchen and living room space with no furnitureKitchen living and dining room with computer generated furniture virtual staging
Modern new home with construction materials around itImage of a modern new home virtually edited to remove construction materials in the surrounding


As construction progresses, more contextual marketing images may be required, showing the property as it will stand in its eventual landscape.

Photomontage can either be done by adding architectural models of a property to an image of a landscape or by adding landscaping and greenery to finish off a photo where the property is in situ but the surroundings are not quite finished.


We are passionate about conveying lifestyle and giving prospective homeowners a clear indication of what life would be like in their new home. Our animations are a high value and instantly evocative addition to any marketing package by focusing on the minutiae that make a home, such as highlighting the way the light falls in a certain corner or seeing curtains lightly sway with a summer breeze.

Our animations can range from an exterior development overview, individual property films or a more cinematic showcase of the communal amenities, including incorporating animated people.

CGI of new home living room a neutral grey colour scheme with strong shadows

360 Virtual Tours & Interactive Models

Similar to Google Streetview or a Matterport tour, our 360-degree virtual tours provide viewers with the ability to effectively walk around a development and see each plot in context of the other homes and communal facilities. Tours can include internal walkthroughs or ‘hotspots’ which contain relevant sales particulars.

Alternatively, interactive models start with a wider 3D site plan which can be rotated and zoomed in to then click on individual plots to view further detail or internal virtual tours.

Our 360-degree virtual tours and interactive models are designed to either be embedded within a client’s website or can be hosted locally within sales and marketing suites. 

Verified Views

Similar to our architectural photomontage service, Verified Views, also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs), offers highly accurate photomontages are created using photography, extensive survey data from the site and CGI elements, with four levels of detail to choose from.

The verifiable accuracy, stringent methodology and detailed accompanying documentation of Verified Views make them a key part of the UK planning process, as well as a fantastic tool for developers and architects.

Our animations can range from an exterior development overview to individual property films or a more cinematic showcase.

Take a look at our CGI services in more detail


From branding to brochures, web design to specialist print solutions and film to motion graphics, our in-house design team provide creative consultancy services to suit any project.

New home development logo branded golf ball on golf course
Property marketing brochure open on a table with new home site plan
front elevations with hoardings

Branding and branded output

Our team of creatives includes marketeers, graphic designers, web designers and project managers who can assist with creative output for any development, from inception to launch; starting with creating branding and a compelling brand identity helps provide cohesion for any marketing process.

We begin with consultancy and research to understand what stakeholders envisage as the key selling points for a development and then propose a branding direction. Based on final feedback and decisions, we output a complete logo suite and a brand guide sheet which includes fonts, colour palette and recommended usage to ensure consistency. 

The branding can then be used to create relevant branded output including stationery, business cards, flyers, hoarding, signage, brochures, websites and all other marketing collateral. We can even create specialist branded output such as umbrellas, golf balls and anything else that’s printable.

Brochures and sales sheets

We have a number of digital and print solutions to support development marketing campaigns. Brochures can be created with or without the assistance of our in-house copywriting team.

Our digital solutions include PDF versions of print-ready brochures, digitally optimised brochures, added interactive functionality and fully interactive online brochures.

Brochures are always designed with lead conversion in mind, creating a narrative journey from overview of the development, opportunity and location to specific details and finally relevant contact information to register interest.

Sales or data sheets often accompany our development brochures as a bitesize summary of the data pertaining to an individual plot, including specifications, CGI/imagery, floor plan and again, relevant contact information.

New homes development marketing materials mockup with brochure and sales sheets
New homes development website on an apple desktop computer in a natural home office

Web Design

Our team is experienced in producing dynamic and well-designed websites that are built with user experience and journey to lead conversion as the central focus. Websites can be created as more simple microsites, effectively digital representations of the brochure information, or create more involved websites which can incorporate client login and property upload, often with content management system integration where required.

In addition to websites, we have an online brochure solution called Paperfree which is a system for presenting brochure information as a fully interactive microsite, benefitting from embedded videos and tours, lead conversion forms and responsive design for desktop and mobile.

Take a look at some of the websites we have designed recently:

map of London with points of attraction

Graphic design

To augment the marketing collateral and ensure the development branding and brand identity runs through all output, we can create an array of custom graphics designed within the required style.

Graphic design products include but aren’t limited to; custom location maps, transportation and distance maps, artistic site plans, infographics and print layouts.

Luddington site plan with colour and surrounding greenery

Motion graphics and video production

Video production can be tailored to the required output medium, whether presented on websites or used on social media, such as an Instagram Reel.

Our team of specialist video editors can compile compelling presentations of captured or created footage and further elevate development films with the addition of motion graphics, such as captions, dynamic split screen transitions and animations.

Film and video output is narratively focused and presented in a way that is evocative of the brand identity and with an intention to drive interest from viewing to contacting the relevant sales team.

Learn more about our creative services:


Fourwalls Surveys has built a reputation for accuracy and quality, providing architects, designers and building professionals accurate, reliable, survey information and CAD drawings for their projects.

As-built Surveys

We often receive enquiries from clients who have been relying on estate agent prepared plans or outdated plans that were created during the planning stages. This presents significant inaccuracies where a property’s layout changes during the construction process, dimensions may be different than those stated or marketing plans for estate agents may not be drawn to scale.


Using our 3D laser scanning technology as a background reference to create the 2D drawings, our team can provide complete confidence in the accurate representation of a building as-built.


Conveyancing plans

Proudly boasting a 100% success rate, our team can provide you with the drawings and advice needed for all Land Registry applications, from registering property or land, to converting a house into flats, selling a portion of a garden or renewing a seven-year plus lease.

Plans can be provided in several different formats, dependent on the application, including but not limited to:

  • Leasehold Plans
  • Freehold Title Plans
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Estate Plans
  • Conveyancing Plans

Area Plans

Floor area can have a large impact on property value, especially in urban areas where space is limited and comes at a premium. Despite floor plans usually being created for illustrative purposes only, they may still be used for valuation, which can give a distorted perspective of the real size and value of a property.

Our experience spans city offices to mixed-use portfolios and large retail units to private residential properties, providing a complete range of transparent, accurate area measurement floor plans, all prepared using the latest measuring devices and drawing software.

Our team of certified RICS Property Measurers are available to help and offer independent advice for the calculation of floor areas, including:

  • RICS Net and Gross Internal Area (NIA & GIA)
  • IPMS Offices and Residential Buildings
  • Retail Zoning (ITZA)

Measured Building Surveys Floor Plans

Measured building surveys are an integral and essential part and the base of any architectural work, being a simple planning application or a more complex commercial or residential redevelopment.

Using 3D laser scanning technology during the survey process allows us to capture a vast amount of information in a short period of time, eliminates the possibility of human error and guarantees an extremely high level of accuracy regardless of the building type, size or complexity.

  • 2D floor plans
  • Roof plans
  • Internal and external elevations
  • Cross section drawings

Drawings can be delivered in a variety of formats such as 2D AutoCAD (.dwg), Revit (.rvt) and scaled PDF.

Measured building survey floor plan example

Topographical Surveys

With many decades of combined experience, our land surveyors have the ability to work in any terrain. Successfully representing natural and man-made features provides an understanding of ground levels, buildings outline, roads, drainage works, trees and vegetation, boundaries and general topography of the survey site.

Topographical Surveys can be carried out using traditional Leica Total Stations, GPS, 3D laser scanners or a LiDAR equipped UAV drones and can be based on a National Grid or local arbitrary datum.

The captured data can be delivered in either 2D or 3D AutoCAD formats or 3D Revit format.

Read more about our surveying services:

Additional services

All of our tailored new homes services have the added benefit of collaboration with our wider team who provide logistical and administrative support, as well as a host of on-site creative and technical services to assist in all aspects of new build homes property marketing.

Property photography example of a retro style lobby
Night time photo of a large property with indoor swimming pool_289258

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