The whole package – have you tried our full-package property marketing services?

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Having worked with the UK’s leading estate agents for over three decades, we’ve got tried and tested packages for cost-effective and time-efficient property marketing collateral. Our full property marketing services are a popular choice as it means agents don’t have to worry about anything: this includes everything from EPCs and floor plans to high-quality property marketing photography, brochure design, copywriting and videography.  

If you’re not 100% sure what we offer, take a look at this in-depth guide to our services. You can see what it’s possible to add on to a standard appointment, to save time, money and effort in the long run.

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Different types of photography

Good photography lies at the heart of every property listing and is often the first thing that draws potential buyers in. We all know that first impressions count, so it’s important that you get your images right every time. At Fourwalls we have the knowledge and experience to photograph all kinds of homes, balancing lighting and composition to achieve top-quality results – usually in one appointment until the great British weather is being particularly unhelpful! As well as our ‘standard’ service, which includes a selection of indoor and outdoor images, we also offer:

  • Photo Plus
    For properties of a higher standard, larger size or requiring more preparation, Photo Plus offers more comprehensive coverage than the standard service. The package not only includes a good range of wide-angle views but gives additional attention to unique property features and details, so if the house is suitable for lifestyle shots (perhaps of character features, lovely views or close ups on certain plants in the garden), then this is a good service to choose.

  • Elevated
    Our elevated service allows us to capture photographs approximately five-10 metres in the air, using either specialist telescopic masts with remotely triggered cameras or low-level drones. This service is ideal for showing off larger properties at their very best, capturing the stature and grandness of the subject property, as well as helping to frame it beautifully within its surroundings. It’s also ideal if drone photography isn’t an option if there are MOD installations or airspaces nearby.


  • Dusk photography
    Dusk photography is perfect for creating a visually striking presentation of homes, normally taking place about an hour before sunset and focusing on a property’s exterior. The dusk photo shoot requires all lights within a property to be put on and are then balanced by the photographer with the ambient light to capture the wonderful tones of light that only exist at twilight. 

  • Drone photography
    Properties with lots of outside space will benefit from showing the scale of the acreage with drone video, but it’s not only for larger homes. We can fly drones through landscaped gardens, over rooftop terraces and even in and out of buildings if appropriate – London isn’t off limits either, we just need time to apply for the right permissions. Drone works exceptionally well for equestrian properties as it can show paddocks, horse walkers and indoor and outdoor schools – if horses are willing, we can include them in the footage too. It’s a great way to demonstrate the scope of the facilities. Rural property owners particularly like drone footage as it shows off the land to its absolute best. Take a look at some of our drone footage in the video below.

Floor plans

Floor plans are an integral part of the marketing service supplied by estate agents. They are an invaluable way for potential buyers to assess whether a property meets their specific needs, allowing them to get an idea of the space on offer, layout and key features of the property, before deciding whether to view it.  We offer a wide range of floor plan services to meet every budget and requirement. All our floor plans are drawn to the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Property Measurement 2nd Edition, Incorporating IPMS (international Property Measurement Standards). Did you know we offer a range of plans to suit all buildings? 

Types of floor plans 

  • Marketing floor plans
  • Redraws
  • 3D floor plans
  • HMO floor plans
  • Land Registry plans
  • Area plans
  • Fire escape plans 
ipad showing floor plan


Videography is still a relatively new addition to selling houses, but now that people have realised the power of video it is becoming increasingly popular. Video can show the life and soul of a property better than static images, as it can highlight the flow of the accommodation, how one room opens to the next, and gives a better idea of scale when combined with photos and floor plans. Estate agent videography is the next best thing in selling houses and we’re excited to see how the industry is embracing new technologies.

Video walkthrough

Presenting a property in a walk-through format and allowing for an immersive view that shows how the spaces connect, Virtual View videos offer an efficient and costeffective digital tour. Virtual View videos are captured using mobile gimbal technology to ensure a smooth and consistent movement – we like to explain these videos as ‘being there without being there’.


The Matterport walk-through uses cutting-edge scanning technology to provide a highly-detailed 3D representation of a property. The service is perfect for those occasions when you have an impressive property or if a vendor is looking for something a little bit different. Matterport enables potential buyers to get a real sense of the property and form an emotional response by exploring every angle of the home at their leisure.

Serious buyers don’t want to waste time viewing properties that aren’t what they are looking for, and it’s not in agents’ best interests to show people around homes that they just aren’t interested in. So, giving buyers the opportunity to explore homes with complete freedom before physically viewing the property will not only save agents huge amounts of time but create an all-around better journey for buyers. 


Reels are a great way to showcase a property, giving potential buyers a detailed tour from the comfort of their mobile device. If social media isn’t your forte we can create Reels for you, with the option of transitions, music and added text; we can even edit the video to fit a certain bpm so you can share it to your own trending music. Check out some of our favourite property marketing Reels in our blog here.

Brochures and websites

We also provide beautifully designed property brochures in a variety of different formats including printed and digital. With competitive pricing and print runs from just 10 copies, every property can benefit from a printed brochure. We can also provide you with copywriting to accompany your print and digital marketing, and our design team can create interactive websites alongside which give more information. This is an especially good choice for new developments. Did you know we have a special service dedicating to new homes marketing?

open property brochure


We have an in-house copywriting team with more than 15 years’ of experience creating copy for a wide range of property types, from brand-new developments with 100+ houses to single properties of all shapes and sizes – London flats to vast country estates – for a range of leading UK estate agents and developers. The copywriting is a fantastic complement to property marketing photography, allowing the property to be brought to life with words and images. Our copywriters are able to turn their pens (well, keyboards!) to any type of property and both digital (optimised for SEO) and long-form print content. The content can be created using data collection gathered by our photographers, or via interviews with vendors, developers and interior designers.

Energy products

Our energy professionals can provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which can be a useful tool for improving efficiencies, reducing energy bills and consumption, and transitioning to greener methods. All properties sold or let in the UK are legally obliged to have a valid EPC (with a few exceptions, including some listed buildings and detached buildings). An up-to-date EPC enables homeowners and landlords to have a current picture of their property’s performance. Our in-house energy consultancy team can then assist you with tailored improvement recommendations to improve the score. You can find out more about our energy services here.

For more information about our property marketing services, please contact us via the usual channels.  

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