Selling more houses with videography

Videography is still a relatively new addition to selling houses, but now that people have realised the power of video it is becoming increasingly popular. Video can show the life and soul of a property better than static images, as it can highlight the flow of the accommodation, how one room opens to the next, and gives a better idea of scale when combined with photos and floor plans. Estate agent videography is the next best thing in selling houses and we’re excited to see how the industry is embracing new technologies.

Derek Shepherd is Associate Director at Fourwalls and is one of our most talented photographers, with masses of experience under his belt. He is also our resident videography expert, and takes much of our premium video content, including drone videography. We asked Derek to share some of his top video tips for estate agents to sell more houses, by using videography to their advantage.

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Birds eye view of a large property with tennis courts and canal surrounded by green trees and fields

1. Hire a presenter

To give your video a professional edge, hire a presenter to talk to the camera. They can walk through the house, showing off any really fantastic features like amazing kitchens with all the bells and whistles, opening doors to create reveals to ‘wow factor’ rooms and pointing out highlights or character features. A presenter will be trained on how to speak to camera, angle their body to subtly draw attention, and read a script naturally. If you can’t quite stretch the budget to a professional presenter, you can achieve a similar effect with a voiceover. If there’s someone in the office that has a good speaking voice, you can ask them to provide a voiceover, or Fourwalls can write the script and provide a voiceover at an additional cost. Have a look at the video montage below to see how a presenter can make a difference to your property videos.

2. Have an interesting cameo

For a personal touch, consider getting an interesting cameo. One of my favourite videos that I’ve produced recently is this introduction to the South Downs by one of the Hamptons Haywards Heath team, who was on horseback. The area has many equestrian properties and the addition of Faith (the horse!) helped to demonstrate that the Hamptons team have experience of equestrianism. Another thing that is also popular are cameos from vendor’s dogs, or farm animals if they are around the property. It’s great to show how the animals fit into daily life. This is particularly aspirational for those who are perhaps leaving London for the country.

3. Have social media in mind

While most people would consider filming in portrait mode an absolute no-no, for property videos it’s actually a good idea. This is because portrait video is easier to share on social media, as a Reel or an Instagram story. If social media isn’t your forte we can create Reels for you, with the option of transitions, music and added text; we can even edit the video to fit a certain bpm so you can share it to your own trending music. Carousel images are once again back in favour on Instagram, and for real engagement we’d recommend a mix of static images, video and text to make your listings really stand out. Check out some of our favourite property marketing Reels here.

Phones reels mockup

4. Show scale with drone videography

Properties with lots of outside space will benefit from showing the scale of the acreage with drone video, but it’s not only for larger homes. We can fly drones through landscaped gardens, over rooftop terraces and even in and out of buildings if appropriate – London isn’t off limits either, we just need time to apply for the right permissions. Drone works exceptionally well for equestrian properties as it can show paddocks, horse walkers and indoor and outdoor schools – if horses are willing we can include them in the footage too. It’s a great way to demonstrate the scope of the facilities. Rural property owners particularly like drone footage as it shows off the land to its absolute best. 

Take a look at some of our drone footage in the video below.

For more information on estate agent videography, get in touch.   

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Videography is the next big thing in selling homes

Property videography is a powerful tool for selling homes. Slick, expertly-shot video is a great way to draw attention to property listings – particularly as most house sales now begin with an online search. Powerful visuals are the key to standing out from a crowded market of estate agents, helping to catch the eye of potential buyers and generate more leads.

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