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Of all the main social media platforms, Instagram is certainly the most useful tool for estate agents. Using Instagram to sell more properties is an excellent choice given its visual nature and with potential clients spending more and more time online this is a great opportunity to build a relationship with your audience and increase awareness of your brand. Here we’ve put together some simple tips on how estate agents can get the most out of Instagram.

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Property reels

The popularity of property reels shows no signs of waning – in fact it’s becoming more and more integral part of the property marketing process. Estate agents should incorporate more video content into the marketing of their properties along with the use of the more traditional photographic approach, not only to capture a younger audience but also to get their listings seen by more people, which in turn can help to grow accounts organically (something that the Instagram algorithm loves!). Social media and the widespread use of modern smartphones has played a huge part in these changes as property video content can be shared on platforms for buyers to view at their leisure. Reels are a great way to showcase a property, giving potential buyers a detailed tour from the comfort of their mobile device. Not only are Reels favoured by Instagram, but they also improve your overall engagement when posted regularly, resulting in more followers and potentially more clients.  If social media isn’t your forte we can create reels for you, check out some of our favourite here.

Trending music

All our Reels can be edited and published with royalty-free music or to a specific beat (bpm) which will allow you to post them on Instagram with music of your choice. The best thing to get Reels seen by as many people as possible is to use trending music. Instagram has made it easy for users to spot a trending song by marking it with a small upward pointing arrow next to the song’s name; when you are scrolling through the Instagram reels you can easily spot the trending songs by looking for the arrow next to the song’s name. You can also check the number of Reels that have used the song to determine its popularity. Using a trending song in your property Reel can help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement on your content – just watch out for profanity!


Despite what many think, there is SEO (search engine optimisation) on Instagram! The algorithm works hard to figure out exactly how your content should be categorised and displayed to the right users. By using relevant, descriptive keywords in your Instagram captions, you’re more likely to appear on the explore page and get more eyes on your content. Hashtags used to be the primary way people could find what they were looking for, however you can search using keywords too: if you type in something specific such as “period homes” in the search, you’ll see results for the phrase along with accounts and tags. Instagram knows which posts are related to your keyword based on how each post is optimised and then categorised.

Instagram carousels

A carousel post is a feature that allows users to upload multiple images or videos in a single post. Instagram carousels have become a popular way for businesses to increase their reach and engagement. With compelling visuals, an attractive design, and well-crafted copy, it’s a great way to make your content more impactful and increase your engagement rate.

Carousel posts allow estate agents to showcase the property in its full glory, you can include key information such as property highlights and specific details like square footage without overcrowding your posts. Here at Fourwalls, we offer bespoke Instagram templates tailored to suit an agents taste and preferences. Here are some examples.


To get your newest listings shown to potential house-hunters without delay, consider adding your properties to stories. Stories only last for 24 hours and are the first thing that users see when they open the app, so they are the perfect way to showcase your very latest listings, offer spaces for viewings or hint at new properties coming to the market very soon to gauge interest and get prospective viewers primed and ready, before the house has even hit the market. 

For more advice on how to maximise your estate agent Instagram or to find out more about our property marketing services, get in touch via the usual channels.

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