How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Company

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Many companies now rely on their online presence to help improve their overall business performance.

Social media is one of the key ways that companies can improve their digital marketing. With the increase of smartphones, social media usage has increased majorly over the past few years for both personal and business use. Posting on a variety of social media platforms is a key way to target different audiences. For example, Twitter and Instagram are the platforms most used by the millennials, whereas LinkedIn is a more formal platform. Dependent on your business model, different platforms will be used in order to target the most appropriate potential leads. Social media is also a key way to change customers’ perceptions of your company. Using social media helps customers easily interact with businesses so that they get a better understanding of who they are dealing with. Many customers will offer positive reviews via social media which then leads to more people wanting to interact with the business. According to Digital Marketing News (DMN), “57% of consumers say they’d be somewhat or very influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online”. This is very important for companies to consider in the rise of the digital age as customer feedback is always crucial, especially when it is being shown on a public platform which could impact potential leads in the future.

Another key way that companies can improve their digital marketing would be through the use of email marketing campaigns. These tend to have an extensive impact as you can dictate who receives the email, so there is more chance of having a positive response from the information being sent out. As you are six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet [1] email marketing campaigns tend to be received more positively. There are also more opportunities for businesses to embed different types of content into their marketing scheme in comparison with what can be produced in a tangible piece of marketing. The main examples of this would be images, videos, blog posts, offers, event information and other links. Having different ways to market your businesses creates huge brand awareness and makes marketing more effective, due to there being more interesting ways to communicate with your audience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is also a crucial consideration for many companies. Coming up at the top of search engines is vital for many companies’ success, especially those who are in a particularly competitive market. As Google processes over 10 billion searches every month, (around 40,000 searches every second) [2] it is becoming harder to be noticed in specific markets, so using keywords throughout a company’s website is likely to improve their chances in search engine rankings and help the company to generate more leads. SEO is important to use as it is one of the main ways for your company to be noticed. By having well-structured SEO, with keywords associated with the different services or products being offered, those webpages are likely to be higher up on the search engine results. Due to this, it is important that when the content is being written for the website, you try and include as many relevant terms for the industry which you are working within in order to get yourselves in as many of the search results in the industry as possible.

Overall digital marketing now plays a hugely important role for many companies. It is crucial that you consider all of the different methods for increasing your business’s online presence in order to have the biggest impact on customers. With the rapid increase of businesses who now operate online, having a greater understanding of digital marketing and how having a defined strategy can impact your business should be a key focus for business growth in the future.

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