Announcing our winners of the Fourwalls Photo of the Year Competition 2022

Kitchen with french doors leading to terrace and garden

You may have read our blog last year  about the winners of our Fourwalls in-house photography competition for 2021. Every month, our photography team submits their favourite photographs to our discerning directors, who judge the best ones (first place and two runners up) based on composition, lighting, creativity and a whole host of other factors. At the end of the year, each photo from the eleven previous months is entered into a highly anticipated finale and the winner is crowned Photo of the Year in December.

Deck chairs by the poolside sunny autumn afternoon

For 2022, the competition was as tight as ever. Everyone from the company gets a chance to anonymously cast their vote and it’s often very difficult each month to choose the best – the standard is so high. We love seeing all the photos in post-production, but with so many to choose from many end up on the cutting room floor (so to speak) as there are only so many which can be used by agents in the marketing of each home.

This year, our creative team also took the time to make a digital book of all the photos of the month, compiling the very best shots into a stunning visual memento of 2022. You can have a flick through of the book below.

Without further ado, here are the top photos from the 2022 competition.


Chloe’s stunningly symmetrical wine display certainly made Dry January feel a little bit harder last year


Adam found a great play on light and shadow in this modern barn conversion


Spring had certainly sprung in time for Lizzie’s gorgeous blossom shot, our March winner


The theme of April was flowers, which was won by Chloe with this lovely muted still life


May’s competition was won by Sofia with this magnificent coastal shot on a fine weather day


Ben’s photo for June of this patio seating area made us impatient for long, hot summer days


What luxury! Pete swooped into first place with this impressive action shot in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire which was also crowned Photo of the Year


August’s theme was ‘reflections’, which was admirably won by Billy with this impressive staircase snap


Josh got everyone saying ‘ahhhh!’ with this cute pup, a worthy winner for September


Ben’s submission for October fulfilled the theme of ‘light’ perfectly


Tom’s perfectly framed classical country house swept the board in November

And the winner is...

(Click or hover to find out)

Our 2023 competition is already underway and the company will soon be voting for the best photograph of January. We’ve made some changes to the rules this year so that everyone in the company can submit their own photos – perhaps we’ll see some budding Steve McCurrys or Anne Geddes in HR, finance or account management?

Each month has a theme, to help give some structure to the shots. Some of the themes for this year include minimalism, symmetry, pattern and texture, and shadows. We’re already looking forward to seeing the results!

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