Always Elevating Standards: How To Improve Your Property Listings With Drone Photography

drone view of countryside with lakes

Aerial photography has come a long way since the early days of a man with a camera in a hot air balloon. The very first camera took to the skies all the way back in 1858, when an enterprising Frenchman took shots of Paris during a hot air balloon flight. It’s amazing to think that this was just a few decades after the first ever photograph was taken in 1826, also in France.

Later, planes were used for reconnaissance photographs during the war, while the space missions of Mercury and Apollo took aerial imagery to the next level. Google Maps then became the most famous example of aerial photography, using satellites to capture images of the world. Who of us hasn’t, at some point, Googled our own home to see it from the sky?

But there’s now an easier, better quality way to obtain aerial images. Drone photography has exploded in recent years, with the technology flooding the market. The ‘ready to fly’ aircraft is used by both professionals and amateur photographers around the world, for everything from monitoring climate change to unobtrusively filming sporting events. Increasingly, drone photography has been used in property photography to offer a bird’s-eye view of houses for sale.

We’re pleased to be working with the Drone Safe Register to supply our drone photography services, ensuring that our finished products are not only of the highest quality, but are also obtained by a skilled and professional operator with all of the correct permissions and commercial licenses to fly drones in accordance with UK drone laws.

Captain Douglas Woodford, a WW1 reconnaissance pilot and grandfather of Andrew Cole, our MD


Larger Estates

Complex Boundaries

New Build Estates

High-End Properties

City Centre Locations

birds eye view of property
London city

For large estates or properties with extensive land, drone photography can capture the scale of the included area, for example farms, lakes or stately home conversions

Drone photography stands out from the crowd; its dramatic look catches the eye on property websites like Rightmove, when you only have a few seconds to capture a potential buyer’s attention

Where there may be complex boundaries or boundary disputes, drone photography helps to make things clearer to view

On new build estates, seeing the development from above can easily display plot sizes and boundaries while work is ongoing

Surveyors and valuation teams can benefit from drone photography, which can be better assessed when it can be viewed in greater detail from all angles — did you know we also offer surveying?

City centre locations which can look uninspiring from ground level may be more exciting from above, particularly those with roof terraces or interesting architectural significance

For high-end properties, drones can also capture videos, offering a walk-through of the included land — this can be combined with our video and photography services

Due to the increased popularity of using drones, some authorities restrict their use in areas such as military bases, airports, national parks and some areas of farmland. Because of this, it’s important to use a drone operator that has obtained permission from the Civil Aviation Authority and holds a valid commercial drone pilot’s license and insurance — hiring an unqualified drone operator can result in a substantial fine and prosecution.

Working with Fourwalls to obtain drone photography is the ideal solution: you can be certain of the first-class quality of our work, and it removes any of the doubt surrounding hiring a properly approved drone operator. We take on all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

For more information on our drone services, give us a call on 0203 905 60 99 or email [email protected]

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