Our best photography of 2021

Minimalist grey kitchen with island and mustard yellow leather barstools

While floor plans maybe where we started, photography is our greatest passion. As a creative agency, we have a great number of fantastic photographers on our books who spend their days driving the length and breadth of England snapping shots of the country’s finest homes for sale. We get to see their work during post production, and so do potential clients and agents once we’ve sent the finished product over, but some of their photos are just too good not to acknowledge.

To celebrate our photographer’s best bits we run a monthly photography competition, imaginatively called Photo of the Month, where we pit a selection of the month’s best shots against each other. It’s done anonymously and is voted on by our staff, who are fierce but fair critics!

Not only does it celebrate our photographers’ collective talents, it also promotes competition and keeps our team striving for greatness with each and every shot.

How is it judged?

At the end of every month, a selection of the top 10 — 15 photos chosen by our Head of Creative and Head of Photography are circulated via email to our staff. These are ranked and the top photo is crowned Photo of the Month. At the end of the year, all ‘Photo of the Month’ candidates are voted on and a Photo of the Year is awarded to the best of the best. 

Take a look at some of our top photos of 2021

Julie’s head-turning (quite literally) photo of this London stairwell got top marks for our January competition
For February, our staff voted for Lizzie’s lovely display of light in this classically English drawing room (extra marks for the ‘cult’ White Company Winter candle!)
Adam’s beautiful shot of this naturally-lit dining room stole the show in March, and for good reason. We love the iconic wishbone chairs.
These stairs may look like they come from a character home, but they’re actually part of a modern development in Bournemouth – Adam’s photo once again took the top spot.
Was it because we’d just endured another long lockdown that this jazzy bar shot taken by Charlotte got first place?
We’re starting to see a theme emerging by June, as Adam once again gets first place with his atmospheric shot of this attractive Queen Anne-style home.
We couldn’t agree more with Derek’s beautifully composed kitchen shot winning first place for July – just look at that pop of colour against the shades of grey.
Staircases are obviously popular! Sofia’s shot of this spiral staircase was our top pick for August.
Adam’s back on top form for September with this beautifully shot external of a country cottage – we love our dusk photography and how it highlights houses with character.
Water view! Sara’s superb shot of Tower Bridge was October’s number one. We love the inky hues of the sky contrasting with the bright lights on the bridge. Unsurprisingly, this shot also won the overall Photo of the Year!
Billy’s dusk shot of this magnificent, modern stately was crowned first place for November – with very good reason.

Rather than a monthly shot for December, we voted on the last 11 shots for 2021 and crowned Sara’s magnificent London snap the best. Though, we should say a special mention to Adam whose photos came out on top for four of the months.

Well done Sara and Adam!

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